The Timberland

The Timberland Pergola comes standard with your choice of 12 metal roof colors to provide protection from the elements and a large shade island.  The volume ceiling, with a 6/12 pitch, creates an open and spacious area to form the foundation for your outdoor retreat. Constructed from treated pine with decorative 4" x 4" corner supports and gable ends, 1” x 4” fascia boards (perfect for attaching gutters), and a painted metal roof. Overall height of 10’-12’ at the peak depending on the size of the pergola.

Combine this pergola with a fireplace and conversation seating group at one end while keeping your dining table and cooking island under cover.  We can even modify the roof line to accommodate direct integration of a fireplace and chimney into the covered space.


  • Canopy sizes:  available in 10′ x 12′ to 14′ x 16′  

  • The pergola is constructed with treated pine lumber with 4” x 6” headers, 2” x 6” rafters, and 6” x 6” solid posts

  • Metal roof, comes in a choice of 12 colors and encloses the space to protect people and furnishings from the weather.

  • Ground-contact treated pine is resistant to rot, decay and insect damage. Sourced from sustainable managed forests in the US and Canada.

  • All hardware, fasteners are included. Customer will need to supply post mounting brackets and anchors.

Metal Roof Color Selection



Forest Green_CMYK_print.jpg

Forest Green


Gallery Blue_CMYK_print.jpg

Gallery Blue

Brick Red



Bright Red_CMYK_print.jpg

Bright Red




Polar White



Sahara Tan


Tongue & Groove Top_print_screen_300px.jpg

Tongue & Groove Decking