Landscape Architects, Landscapers, & Landscape Contractors, Please complete the Survey below to enter for a chance to win a free fire pit!

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1. In your Outdoor Room projects, how often do you design the following products?
Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Fireplaces
Fire Pits
2. When designing Outdoor Kitchens, what materials do you typically prefer for counter tops?
Porcelain Tile
Stainless Steel
3. When designing Outdoor Kitchens, what materials do you typically prefer for side walls?
Stone (man made)
Stainless Steel
4. When designing Outdoor Kitchens, what appliances do you typically show in the design?
Gas Grill
Electric Grill
Charcoal Grill
Side Burner
Power Burner
Ice Maker
Cocktail Station
5. When designing Outdoor Kitchens, what design features do you typically show in the design?
Accent Lighting
Electrical Outlets
Outdoor Speakers
Fire Element on Counter
Pergola on top of Kitchen
6. When specifying Outdoor Kitchens, do you recommend customers build from scratch or buy from a selection of predesigned Outdoor Kitchens?
7. As an outdoor room designer, are you familiar with offering predesigned outdoor kitchens?
8. When planning an outdoor room, where do most customers invest the majority of their budget?
Flooring (pavers, concrete, tile, etc)
Structures (Kitchens, fireplaces, pergolas, fire pits, etc)
Accessories (furniture, fountains, etc)
Hardscapes (seat walls, ponds, etc)
9. When designing an outdoor room, what do you find to be the customers primary interest?
Please rank in order from 1 to 6, with 1 being the most interest.
10. When considering "on site time," do you see a large amount of value with the ability to install the major components of your outdoor room (kitchen, pergola, fireplace) in less than one day?
11. As an outdoor room designer, do you have the resources to receive and install some of the main outdoor room components (kitchens, fireplaces, pergolas) as finished, predesigned products?
12. When designing outdoor kitchens, do you find it time consuming researching and sourcing the components (grills, doors, drawers, sinks, etc) and appliances for your designs?
13. When sourcing components and appliances for your outdoor rooms, are you generally satisfied with the cost of these items?
14. What do you find the average "COST" for an outdoor kitchen that you include in your designs to be?
15. We are designing a new collection of Outdoor Kitchens that will come complete as a package. Includes kitchen, bar, pergola, tin roof, and fan/heating options. How much would you expect such a package to cost the customer?
10' X 10'
15' X 15'
20' X 20'